Recent guest lectures:

(Princeton, 2021) ENV354 “Climate and the Weather” – Guest lecture on climate & disease

(Princeton, 2021) SPI353 “Science and Global Security” – Guest lecture on COVID19

(Princeton, 2021) SPI 381 “Epidemiology: An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective” – Guest lecture on climate & disease

(Berkeley, 2020) “Environmental determinants of infectious disease” – Guest lecture on climate & directly transmitted infections

(Princeton, 2020) EEB 304 “Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy” – Guest lecture on climate & disease

Teaching as assistant instructor 

GEO366 – Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Policy
Offered: Spring 2016
Level: Undergraduate
Instructor: Prof. Michael Oppenheimer

WWS200 – Statistics for Social Science
Offered: Spring 2015
Level: Undergraduate
Instructor: Prof. Michal Kolesar

Teaching as primary instructor

WWS635c – Intermediate Calculus
Offered: Summer 2015
Level: Graduate
Instructor: Rachel Baker

Tutoring work

WWS507C – Quantitative Analysis (Graduate level statistics)