Data visualization: R color palettes

Here are some of my favorite R packages for color palettes:

  1. “pals”, which has a nice set of examples shown here:

Pals essentially collects together in one place a lot of the classic color palettes, and gives you some new tools to explore them. It contains all the “viridis” color schemes, as well as some palettes I’ve seen more frequently in matlab such as “parula” (I really like parula, and used it our paper here). I also really like “coolwarm” as a diverging palette and used it here.

2.  @aljrico has developed some really nice color palettes for R based on Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. I really like the Harry Potter ones, particularly Ron Weasley (yes, it has some orange) and Luna Lovegood! See:

I used Ron and Luna in my recent preprint here.